DIK - Deutsche Islam Konferenz - Plenary Session 2012

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German Islam Conference Plenary Meeting 2012

The German Islam Conference (DIK) convened today in Berlin for its annual plenary meeting. At the core of its discussions was the theme of "Living out gender equality as a common value." To prepare for this, the project group "Role models in Muslim contexts" was set up last year. The objective was to support a discussion amongst Muslims about role models. Another project group developed proposals to increase the opportunities of Muslims obtaining jobs in the German labour market. In response to recent events in Germany, the meeting also touched on the problems exposed by radical Salafism.

"I would like to thank all those involved for their commitment and constructive work," said the Federal Minister of the Interior, Dr Hans-Peter Friedrich, at the beginning of the event. "I believe the declaration against domestic violence and forced marriage will give an important signal. For the first time, Muslims in Germany from different backgrounds and religious denominations, together with state representatives, have agreed on the wording that is unambiguous in condemning these practices. This declaration is therefore an important basis for the future practical work of stemming domestic violence and forced marriages."

In his welcome speech, the Federal Minister of the Interior also addressed the issue of the controversial distribution of the Koran by radical Salafists in German cities. "Religion must not be misused for ideological claims to power," said Dr Friedrich. "We all agree that extreme Salafism is not acceptable and does not fit into a free society such as Germany. Radical Salafists are not likely to receive majority support from Muslims in Germany and  this message is one which will be given by the German Islam Conference."

In addition to the DIK declaration against domestic violence and forced marriage, further outcomes were presented to the  plenary meeting. These included 

  • the German Islam Conference's special meeting "Muslims and the labour market - supporting diversity, using potential more effectively" in conjunction with an accompanying publication,
  • an interim report from the DIK's working group "Prevention work with youth",
  • the first part of a handout on role models and role-related issues, 
  • and "Success Stories" - youth competition run by the German Islam Conference.

The Federal Minister for the Interior, Dr Friedrich launched this youth competition at the conference. From now until the end of August this year, young people can submit a text, photograph or video reportage if they feature Muslims on successful career pathways in their piece.

In the future, the DIK working group "Prevention work with youth" will be looking at the phenomenon of anti-Muslim prejudice in addition to the topics of Islamist extremism and anti-Semitism. This group's activities will be central to the German Islam Conference during the forthcoming year.

A further issue on the German Islam Conference's working agenda has been implemented with the publication on 17 April 2012 of its study entitled "Islamic community life in Germany" by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and the Centre for Turkish Studies and Integration Research. For the first time, reliable data is available for Islamic communities, imams and Alevi dedes. This study complements the German Islam Conference's guidelines which were published in 2011 and concerned the linguistic and societal continuing education of Islamic clerics. It also follows on from the German Islam Conference's study "Muslimisches Leben in Deutschland" [Muslim life in Germany] published in 2009.

Details about the youth competition as well as all newly released publications and reports can be found as downloads on the German Islam Conference's website: www.deutsche-islam-konferenz.de.

DIK Editorial board, 19.04.2012

Additional Information

White folder

Handout  "Images of gender between tradition and modernity"

The handout "Images of gender between tradition and modernity" is an outcome produced by the German Islam Conference's project group "Role models in a Muslim context".

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"Islamic community life in Germany"

New study from the German Islam Conference "Islamic community life"

For the first time, reliable data is available about Islamic congregations, imams and Alevi dedes from across the country.

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