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Preparatory Committee sets the tone for the current working year

The Preparatory Committee of the German Islam Conference (DIK) convened on 11 May for the first time since the plenary meeting on 29 March 2011. It discussed the forthcoming work in the months ahead up until the next plenary meeting in 2012 and initiated new projects for implementing the working programme.

Work is now focusing on Key area 2 of the working programme, i.e. gender equality and, associated with this, the aspect of equal opportunities, particularly of Muslim women in the labour market.

To this end, the Preparatory Committee set up two new project groups:

  • The project group "Role models in Muslim contexts"
  • The project group "Better integration of Muslims into the labour market"

The project groups will begin their work immediately and will report back to the next meeting of the Preparatory Committee in autumn 2011.

Furthermore, it was resolved to commission a study on gender roles in Muslim and non-Muslim contexts.

The Preparatory Committee also considered how to proceed with regard to Key area 3 of the working programme. The "Prevention work with young people" working group, set up in 2010, had agreed on a joint understanding of the phenomena of xenophobia towards Muslims / anti-Islamic attitudes, anti-Semitism amongst Muslims, and Islamism / religious extremism amongst Muslims, and submitted an interim report to the plenary meeting. On this basis and taking into account existing experience in the field of preventing extremism and promoting tolerance among young people, the working group is now to initiate and manage specific preventive measures for youth work. The working group will make its results publicly available in 2012.

The further work done on Key area 1 "Promoting institutional co-operation and integration-related project work" was discussed. This was the field in which the German Islam Conference concentrated its efforts during the first year and it was also the focus of the plenary meeting held on 29 March 2011. You can read about the results presented at the meeting here.) A conference for training Muslim religious studies teachers is being planned. In addition, the BMBF will also report regularly to the Preparatory Committee on developments in setting up theologically focused centres for Islamic studies.

The Preparatory Committee, which represents the plenary session of the DIK at a working level, has met six times to date during the 17th legislative period. The first two meetings, held in March and April 2010, focused on the DIK's working programme. At the third meeting, on 2 July 2010, the Committee issued its first specific instructions for implementation on the basis of the working programme adopted by the plenary session. Progress made in this regard was subsequently reviewed at its fourth meeting on 8 November 2010 and finalised at the fifth meeting, held on 1 March 2011.

DIK Editorial board, 31 May 2011

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The plenarymeeting 2011 was held in a classy ambience.

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