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Award of the 2010 Integration Prize

Minister for the Interior awards 2010 Integration Prize

Six exemplary projects implemented by and with Muslims have been awarded the 2010 Integration Prize. The former Federal Minister for the Interior Dr. Thomas de Maizière received the winners at a reception held in their honour at the Deutsche Parlamentarische Gesellschaft in Berlin on 12 November. The winning projects were chosen from a total of 186 entries by an independent panel composed of eight Muslim former plenary members of the German Islam Conference. A particular effort was made to recognise new small-scale, grassroots initiatives that focus on women and young people and that receive little or no financial backing.

The prize-winners

The first prize, worth EUR 5,000, was awarded to a children's and youth football project in Bad Godesberg run by the Internationaler Sportclub AlHilal Bonn e.V. In spring 2010 this migrants' association launched a football programme for young boys and girls with the slogan "Integration ist das Ziel – Fußball unser Weg" (Integration is our destination – football our route).

The second prize, worth EUR 3,000, was awarded to two projects. One of these was the women's project "Mitte(n)drin" run by the Chief of Police in Berlin, Police Department 32.The panel also decided to award the second prize to the internet project "www.muslimische-stimmen.de" run by the independent association of the same name.  

The third prize, worth EUR 2,000, was awarded to the Forum of Muslim Women in the district of Reutlingen, which is run by Reutlingen District Authority.

Two project ideas were chosen as the winners of the ideas competition, namely the "Adopt a child/student" idea proposed by Nohma El-Hajj and Sunja Baaroun, and the idea of an educational theatre project tackling the fact that people are all different known as "Sind wir verschieden? Wir – verschieden? WIR" and organised by Neuburg-Schrobenhausen District Authority.

Former Federal Minister de Maizière, speaking on 17 May 2010 on the occasion of the plenary meeting of the DIK, announced the 2010 Integration Prize for exemplary projects run by and with Muslims. The aim of the prize is to pay tribute to the commitment of project workers who help Muslims to participate in society to a greater extent and who contribute to improved coexistence between different groups in the population. Both public and private groupings, particularly migrant organisations, associations, citizens' initiatives, nursery schools, youth organisations etc., were eligible to enter the competition.

Who chose the winning projects?

The projects and ideas were chosen by an independent panel made up of people with vast personal experience  of integration work and who had also been involved with the German Islam Conference in the past. The panel members were:

  • Feridun Zaimoğlu, author and director
  • Havva Yakar, expert in Islamic studies and teacher
  • Nihat Sorgec, Managing Director of the Bildungswerk Kreuzberg
  • Badr Mohammed, General Secretary of the European Integration Centre
  • Dr. Necla Kelek, author and sociologist
  • Nassir Djafari, development policy expert
  • Dr. Ezhar Cezairli, doctor
  • Seyran Ateş, lawyer and author.

DIK Editorial board, 12.11.2010

Additional Information

The plenarymeeting 2011 was held in a classy ambience.

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