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Handout  "Images of gender between tradition and modernity"

The handout "Modern and traditional images of gender" is an outcome produced by the German Islam Conference's project group "Role models in a Muslim context". It is aimed primarily at multipliers who are confronted with role specific issues in Muslim or predominately Muslim groups, such as Islamic communities. Once it is produced, the ring binder will include various articles and materials about role models and role-related issues that are intended to encourage Muslims to tackle the issues surrounding role models and their consequences with awareness. In addition, there will also be practical advice for specific situations of conflict caused by typical role-models.­ The first section was presented to the Plenary Meeting of the German Islam Conference in April 2012. The work on the handout should be completed by the time the Plenary Meeting takes place in 2013.

DIK Editorial board, 19.04.2012

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