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Bosnian umbrella organisation becomes new member of German Islam Conference

The "Islamic Community of Bosnians in Germany" has been invited to participate in the second phase of the German Islam Conference (DIK) so that Bosnian Muslims are also represented on the side of the Muslim organisations in the Conference. Among the individual Muslim participants there is already one member with a Bosnian background, Dr Armina Omerika, an academic in  Islamic Studies. 

30,000 members in the Islamische Gemeinschaft der Bosniaken

The IGBD is the federal umbrella organisation of Muslim Bosnians and was founded in 1994 (formerly: VIGB e.V - Vereinigung islamischer Gemeinden der Bosniaken in Deutschland [Association of Islamic communities of Bosnians in Germany]. Mustafa Efendi Klanco has been the Chairman and mufti of the IGBD since 2007, and the General Secretary is Muhamed Baščelić

Today in Germany there are 65 Bosnian mosque communities and cultural centres with around 30,000 members who belong to IGBD. Most of these mosques have permanent imams appointed by the IGBD.

Connection to Bosnia

The IGBD considers itself as a foreign branch of the Islamic community in Bosnia-Herzogovina and is represented by two delegates in the "General Assembly" (sabor) of the Islamic community in Bosnia-Herzogovina.

The structure of Islam in Bosnia is replicated in Germany and is evident locally in the fact that the Bosnian congregations focus more on their imams than other communities. Key areas of work in the mosques are religious studies lessons for children, youth work and inter-faith dialogue.

European: Islam in Bosnia

Bosnian Islam has a long history of co-existing alongside Christians. The separation of state and religion has represented an unquestioned reality for Bosnian Muslims since 1878. In addition, they have developed a transparent organisational structure combining elements of synod and hierarchy.

The spiritual leader of the Bosnians is Dr Mustafa Efendi Cerić. As a European, Mustafa Cerić promotes the integration of Muslims in European society and peaceful dialogue between religions and was awarded the Theodor Heuss prize in 2007. He received the Eugen Biser prize in 2008 for his commitment to inter-faith dialogue.

540,000 Muslims from south-east Europe live in Germany

According to the Muslim life in Germany report from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, there are approximately 540,000 Muslims in Germany who come from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Numbering almost 14 per cent, the group of Muslims from south-east Europe is the second largest in Germany, after those with a Turkish background. Approximately 89 per cent consider themselves to be religious or very religious but they rarely attend religious events. The societal integration of this population group is very good, according to the report, as it has a high level of contact with Germans and a high level of inter-faith and inter-ethnic openness.

Training of Bosnian imams

The Islamische Gemeinschaft in Bosnien has set standards regarding training imams, as since 2005 there has been a requirement for practising imams to hold a theology degree. Imams already employed are required to take the course subsequently. The course includes religious and social subjects and European languages.

An important subject in the second phase of the German Islam Conference is setting up and establishing Islamic theology courses at German universities with the aim of training Islamic theologians, imams and Islamic religious studies teachers in Germany. The IGBD will certainly be able to contribute much experience in this area.

Julia Ghamin, 17.05.2010

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