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Group photo of the prize-giving, including the jury members present at the ceremony

Federal Minister of the Interior honours youth as part of German Islam Conference

Today in Berlin, the Federal Minister of the Interior, Dr Hans-Peter Friedrich, awarded six prizes for the best submissions in the youth competition "Success Stories" organised by the German Islam Conference.

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A Boy throws a soccerball in front of a mosque.

Self-Evidently Incorporated

They want to be acknowledged and heard as fully-fledged members of this society. This young generation of Muslims is different to their parents' and yet the young people have strong ties to Islam. How do they ensure that their self-image is finally accepted by society?

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Muslims' Lifeworld

Während eines Songs: Defne Şahin schaut zu Boden und erhöht die melancholische Wirkung des Liedes.

Muslims in Germany "Living, solitary and free..."

Saturday evening, in a small concert hall somewhere in the middle of Germany. Defne Şahin and her fellow musicians prepare for the sound check and tune their instruments. The young singer with the long dark curls stands...

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Telephone with books on Islam

Muslims in Germany Good advice – with or without Allah?

Little by little, a counselling programme specifically aimed at Muslims is being built up in Germany. The initiatives pursue various approaches. Some provide consolation on request in accordance with Islamic prerequisites – others are less overtly religious.

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Two elderly men playing memory with nurse

Muslims in Germany Tailor-made: care for elderly Muslims

Increasing numbers of Muslim immigrants are ageing in Germany. As a result, there is an increase in the need for care facilities for the elderly and the sick that also take their requirements into consideration – a gap in the market particularly for Muslim providers.

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