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The RSS feed of the German Islam Conference (DIK) website provides you with information promptly and conveniently regarding new documents that have been posted on the site. This means that you no longer need to miss any new entries, even if you do not go to the DIK Conference’s website.
What is an RSS newsfeed?

The abbreviation "RSS" stands for Really Simple Syndication and describes a web-based technique using XML technology facilitating fast, simple transfer of web content. An RSS newsfeed lets you monitor websites for new content without visiting the site itself.
To read the newsfeed you need what is known as an RSS reader. This reads the newsfeeds you have subscribed to and automatically notifies you of new entries. You therefore have new entries in the areas which you have selected at your disposal whenever you wish. If you are interested in a new document, just click on it and it will be opened in your browser.
How do I sign up to the newsfeed available on the German Islam Conference website?

First of all, you have to install an RSS reader on your computer. A variety of free newsfeed readers are available on the Internet.
As soon as you have installed one of these reading programs, you can sign up to the newsfeed for new documents on the Internet site. Each newsfeed has its own address, similar to the address (URL) of an Internet site as displayed in the address line. You need to copy this address into your RSS reader by right-clicking on the RSS symbol in the feed of your choice. You can select Copy link in the following selection. Alternatively, you can simply mark and copy the path specified in the particular newsfeed.
You can then re-insert the address at the corresponding place in your RSS reader (CTRL+V or via the Edit and Insert menu bar). This leads to the DIK Internet site newsfeed in the reader overview. Your subscription has been set up.
You can also receive RSS feeds via MS Outlook or Lotus Notes. The provider in question should be able to inform you of the RSS function available in your e-mail client.

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