DIK - Deutsche Islam Konferenz - Plenary Session 2013 - Project funding: "Working Together against Social Polarisation"

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Project funding: "Working Together against Social Polarisation"

Date 25 May 2010
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Preventing extremism, radicalisation and social polarisation, and, in this context, tackling anti-Muslim prejudice, Islamism (meaning religious extremism) and anti-Semitism have been a key focus of the German Islam Conference (DIK) during this legislative period. In addition, the German Islam Conference's current working programme states: "in order to achieve practical improvements in prevention, the German Islam Conference will initially focus on the key target groups of youth, young adults and their families." To this end, the German Islam Conference has set up the "Prevention Work with Youth" working group (AG P). This group began by developing amongst Muslim youth a common understanding of the phenomena of anti-Muslim prejudice, Islamism (meaning religious extremism), and anti-Semitism.

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